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Save Up To 80% On Your Energy Bill By Doing One Simple Thing!

Retrofit Your Parking Lot Lighting To LED

In the past 8 years Neu-Tech Energy Solutions has sold thousands of LED Retrofit Lighting Engines to replace existing 250W to 1000W Metal Halide or HPS lamps. The facts are you can save up to 80% on your Energy Bill and Eliminate your maintenance for over 10 years if you replace your high energy HID and HPS parking lot lamps with an LED.

Hotel LED Lighting 1000W LED parking lot lighting

Typical 400W Metal Halide Lights Retrofitted With A 120W....Very Bright

In your typical 400W parking lot lighting application we use our 120W LED Retrofit Light Engine to replace this HID lamp.Our current LED Retrofit puts out over 16,000 lumens which is extremely bright.

By retrofitting to a LED you will save 280W plus the ballast in each light every hour.

In the 1000W application the savings are even better. We replace a 1000W with a 280W LED for a savings of 720W plus the ballast draw. Remember once you do this your maintenance cost is eliminated for 10 plus years. Our units last 70,000 plus hours and have a 10 Year Light Engine Warranty and a 5 Year Driver Warranty.

LED Retrofit Light  Parking Lot LED lighting

120W LED Retrofit Installation               1000W LED Parking Lot Light Install


Not all LED Retrofit Light Engines are built the same. Our unit is UL Listed and is on the PREMIUM DLC list which means it meets all requirements of DLC and more and is available for Utility Rebates across the country.

Certificate: All retrofit kits meet DLC 3.0, pass DLC Premium listings, and are dimmable.

LED Chip Info: While some others use Philips 3030 LEDs. Philips brand is good, but Philips's 3030 LED is poor (L90 life is only 22,000 hrs, not qualified for DLC premium).

We use Nichia's 3030 LED, with much higher L90 life which is qualified for DLC premium.

Patented Heat Sink Design: Our "pin" heat sink design is unique, weights 30% less than other

Die Casting designs, while creating 20% more area for cooling.


★ High efficiency: up to 150 LM/W

★ Brand New High Quality Heatsink

★ Much Better Cooling

★ Lighter Weight

★ 5/10 Year Warranty


Our 4th Generation LED Retrofit now has 4 more Patents.

For more information on our line of LED Retrofit lights for Parking Lot Lighting applications please give us a call.

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You can also Email is at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Text our phone numbers above with a picture or your light and information on the application like watts, volts, approximate height, and quantity.

Will get back to you ASAP and let you know what we would recommend for you application. There is a difference between what we would recommend for a Hotel, Office Building, School, Church etc. Call Now


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