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Neu-Tech Energy Solutions has been helping schools save money on their indoor and outdoor lighting now for about 8 years. We have them save up to 80% in energy on their parking lot lighting, gymnasium lighting, pool lighting, classroom lighting, hallway lighting and more.

These are a few pictures of the recent school job we did up in Pottsville, PA. We helped them retrofit their parking lots, gym, pool and more.

LED Retrofit High School Gym  High School Pool LED Retrofit

High School Gymnasium LED Retrofit             High School Pool LED Retofofit


Parking Lot Flood Lights LED Retrofit 

Flood Light LED Retrofit                               School Gym 1000W LED Retrofit

High School Gym LED Retofit  Wall pack LED retrofit

Whatever your lighting needs may be we can help you save money on your monthly energy bills. You don't have to buy new fixtures. All of these were done with LED Retrofit lights. They last over 70,000 hours and will eliminate your lighting maintenance for 10 plus years. School money is tight so now is the time to start saving money on your lighting bills.

Give on of our LED Retrofit Lighting Specialist a call. We have all been involved with school lighting updates.

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For more information on school lighting please feel free to check out our School Lighting Website website. There is a lot of information on this subject.