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Times Are Changing...LED Lighting Is Here To Stay.

Neu-Tech Energy Solutions can help you ADD NEW LIFE to your customers old inefficient lighting with a new LED Retrofit.


The time has come to start thinking about getting on the LED band wagon. At Neu-Tech Energy Solutions we have been working with contractors from all over the country for the last 8 years. The facts are your customers are wanting an LED Lighting solution so they don't have to keep replacing HID and HPS bulbs year after year.

The problem is if you don't have something to offer them someone else will and you will lose the business. Getting involved with LED lighting will give you the opportunity to gain new business. You can become the LED leader in you area right now by offering your customers a top of the line LED Retrofit. While others are selling new LED lighting you will have the best LED Retrofit on the market to offer your customers. We have sold thousands of them across the country. We know what works and what does not. We use the best LED chips and drivers available today.

LED Retrofit Lighting LED Retrofit Lighting 1000W

LED Retrofit Lighting Hotel  Parking Lot Lighting Large Mall

400W Retrofit to 120W            1000W Retrofit to 280W


From 100W to 1500W we can retrofit any existing HID or HPS lamp

to a much smaller Energy Efficient LED light engine.

LED Retrofit Parking Lot Lighting  parking lot LED lighting

All of our lights are UL, DLC and have a 10 Year LED Head Warranty

and 5 Years on the LED Drivers. You name the application

we have done it.

High Bay LED Retrofit  flood light and wall pack

High Bay Lighting, Flood Lights and Wall Packs. Car Lots,

Schools, Hotels, Motels, Churches and more we have

retrofitted their lights.

old fluorescent tube lighting  new LED Super Strip Lighting

Be The FIRST In Your Area To Offer Our New 165 Lumen

Per Watt LED Super Strip Lighting

Replaces any T12, T8 or T5 Fluorescent Lamp and will last

100,000 hours and provide 30%+ more light. See for yourself above.


We can help you with literature, marketing and wholesale pricing.

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