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Over 85 Years Experience In Distribution, Lighting, Material Handling, Environmental, and Machinery Controls. 6 Years of LED lighting experience and thousands of instalations across the country.

As a company the owners have over 85 years experience in the manufacturing and distribution of commercial products to industry.
We understand customer service and custom products. One thing we don't do is sell products that will give you issues.

We check an double check all products we sell before we offer them to our customers. We also know that in this business you need to be specific about specifications so when we ask you a lot of questions we do that because we need to know the specifics about the job before we provide you a quote. While others may try to sell these products in a shopping cart style...we will tell you point blank that it does not work this way.

As a group we have quite a bit of experience in the commercial distribution industry.
* 45 Years experience in the material handling industry
* 20 Years experience in the machinery control industry
* 10 Years experience in the environmental industry
* 15 Years experience in the lighting industry

Neu-Tech Energy Solutions Specializes In bringing new and innovative energy efficient retrofit lighting products to market. Our niche is replacing any existing metal halide or high pressure sodium lights with our retrofit LED or induction lamps and saving our customers up to 80% in energy cost. We have sold thousands of our LED retrofit lights across the country. Our installation list is long and includes; EPA facility in Ohio, Hospitals in Ohio, Denver, California and Florida, Coast Guard Stations on the East Coast, Large Electronic Manufacturing Plants in Pennsylvania.

Our line of Energy Saving products is growing daily.
We currently have stocking offices in Ohio and Florida and sales offices in Ohio, Florida, Denver, Massachusetts, Northern and Southern California, Texas, Georgia, Utah, Arizona and adding more daily. If you would like more information please feel free to contact us anytime.

Neu TecH Energy Solutions

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Neu Tech Energy Solutions
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Southwest Sales Office:407-230-9096